Oral presentation

  • Schedule containing oral presentations will be posted on the web site shortly.
  • All offered oral presentations have been allocated 15 minutes with 10 min presentation and 5 min for questions and discussion.
  • Projection screens will be full screen (16:9).
  • PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded here before Sunday 11th September. You also have the option to upload the file a day before the scheduled presentation by giving your pptx to our staff on a USB stick. In all cases you must also bring a backup of your presentation to the meeting on a USB stick.


Poster presentation

  • Posters should be mounted at 7:00-8:00 am.
  • Posters will be presented each morning and the presenting author is expected to be present by the poster.
  • Posters will be on display for one day. Lists of posters for each day will be on the web site shortly.
  • Available area for fixing each poster is 100 cm wide x 250 cm high. Please, do not make a poster that exceeds the available area.
  • Posters should be clear and easy to read. Type size should be sufficiently large to allow people to read from 2-3 m.
  • Tape will be provided to secure your poster to the board.
  • Poster must be removed by 9:00 pm the day of presentation.